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special feature: latest cartoon.
I update this on occasion, whenever I have new drawings for solar.

Welcome To Line/Load.
A website that discusses the possibilites of Solar Electricity in society.
Cartoon: The name of this website is titled after the concept of "distributed generation"
Below are some of the core concepts this site is designed to help you understand.
Reduce Your Consumption (kWh)
A wise man once said, "Eat your conservation vegetables, and you can have your solar dessert." Our childhood disaffection for broccoli is much similiar to our disinterest in accounting for the power we consume. Step one is to understand your consumption.

Evaluate the Sun Behavior (astronomy)
The sun, as a power source, is predictable. Thanks to great astronomers like Gallileo and ancient civilizations like the Maya, we can make all kinds of assertions on where the sun will be in the sky at any given part of the year, at any particular time of day.
System Design (photovoltaic)
In an ideal world, you should be able to design the best possible PV system for your home. Don't let installers give you the run-around. Learn as much as you can. Read my stuff. It's supposed to be self-empowering, just like solar electricity!
Photo Slideshow (completed projects)
Maybe someday, your house will be in a photo slideshow. Gather some ideas about how your home could have solar installed from looking at other peoples' configurations.