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Building the ideal PV system for your home

1: Site Assessment
Taking a look at what your home has to provide for solar

Measuring Roof Space for Panel Capacity
Inspecting Main Service Panel for System Capacity
Determining a Conduit Route
Finding Specifics on Roof Support

2. Design Of System
Determining the exact specifics, based on your goals.

3. Consulting
Finding the Best Price For Your Installation

Your specifics are then provided to many different solar companies. This way, you have yourself an unbiased evaluation by an experienced and qualified designer.

You only need to do this once!
Evaluate the potential your home has for solar, Even if you can't afford a system right away. If you'd like someone to come to your house and measure your roof, take a pathfinder reading, and examine your electrical and structural specs, please feel free to give a call.


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