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Reference (to external links)

Inverter Manufacturers
I really like SMA inverters, but Solectrias are made in Massacheusetts.
3. PV Powered
4. Solectria

Panel Makers
Sunpower are the most efficient, but Evergreen manufactures here in the states.
1. Sunpower
2. Evergreen
3. Sharp

Installers In Connecticut

1. The CCEF Approval List
2. DSIRE: Database of State Incentives
3. Get professional consultation! See Services.

Professional Reference
NREL- A government lab for research and development of renewable energy
PV Tools- A page on their website full of really good calculators and data
SEI - Solar Energy International, offers training.
NABCEP - Certified Energy Practitioners. Offers certification.
PDF Page (my own stuff, for personal reference)

more to be announced...